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iMedicine Review Course App

-The first and only complete Internal Medicine Review App on iPad/iPhone.
-Contains high yield course material selected from Live classroom courses.

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-This comprehensive review is designed for Internal medicine residents, practicing internists and subspecialists who are preparing for ABIM Internal Medicine Certification or Recertification examination.

-The review can also be used for preparation of Internal Medicine In-service exams, Internal Medicine components of USMLE II and III, and for International internal medicine examinations including MRCP, PLAB, RCPSC/MCCQE or FRACP Exams. The review can enhance knowledge for day-to-day practice of Internal Medicine.

iMedicine Review Question & Answer App

Q&A1500™ on iPad/iPhone/Android devices

Access more than 1500 study and review questions. (More Q&A’s are added periodically)

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Test Your Knowledge

-If you are a practicing physician or a Nurse practitioner/Physician assistant, you can also use this app to enhance your clinical knowledge for day to day practice of Internal Medicine.

Download Q&A1500™ for iPhone (Try a few questions on the Free Lite Version)

Download Q&A1500™ for Android (Try a few questions on the Free Lite Version)
Currently this link works only from an Android device.

Or click here for access to Q&A1500™ Questions & Answers on your computer.


The app offers numerous Q&As with brief explanations, which are high-yield and summarize the essential information needed to pass the Internal Medicine Exams. The review offers clinical pearls with buzzwords commonly used in medical literature and exams. The questions are categorized by topics and also by various diseases and contents within each topic.

Topics covered in Review Course and the Q&A Apps

-Cardiovascular Disorders
-Endocrinology & Metabolism
-Gastroenterology & Hepatology
-Hematology & Oncology
-Infectious Diseases & HIV
-Nephrology & Electrolyte Disturbances
-Perioperative Medicine
-Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
-Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Disorders
-General Internal Medicine (including Geriatrics, Psychiatry, Ethics, Preventive care, Women’s health, Eye & ENT diseases, Allergy & Immunology, Biostatistics and Dermatology)

An efficient way of learning Internal Medicine

-Make yourself confident for your exam and prepare from a very concise and to-the-point review of Internal Medicine
-Clinical information is continuously updated reflecting the ever-changing field of Internal Medicine and more questions are added regularly
-Easy to navigate questions and learn the subject you wish to study
-References are obtained from various text books and journals of Internal medicine and every effort has been made to validate the contents.
-High yield information right at your fingertips. Buy your Apps now from your devices with discounted rates!