Internal Medicine Review

An Intense and Comprehensive Review of Internal Medicine

Up-to-date training

State-of-the-art preparation for the ABIM internal medicine board exam. Learn the stepwise approach for management of diseases based on the current guidelines. Live course offers 30 Category 2 CME hours.

Excellent success rate

Great success rate (>99%) in ABIM internal medicine certification and recertification exams for last 9 years. Rewarding experience for practicing physicians and residents from many academic programs.
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Lower tuition costs

Group of two or more Residents can attend with discounted rate. Discounts are also available for Chief Residents/Resident Representatives of Internal medicine residency programs. For further info, email:

Guaranteed satisfaction

We provide 100% board preparation guarantee and take full responsibility for your results in the exam. If you fail the ABIM exam, you can participate in our course again at no charge. Our results are better than many long and expensive courses!

iMedicine Review course online & on Apps

A comprehensive online review designed for ABIM Internal Medicine certification or recertification. Contains course material selected from Live classroom courses. Selected material is available via iPad/iPhone Apps.
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Internal medicine review Live course. Locations

In 2015 our Live courses will be conducted in various Academic centers including in New York/New Jersey, Washington, DC, Harrisburg, PA and Farmington CT.

iMR news and updates

1. Location and Dates for 2015 are available for some courses, for others these will be available soon.
2. In addition to our review course, we also recommend reviewing Q&A bank by Knowmedge for board exam preparation.

Who should take the course?

• Medical residents preparing to take the ABIM certification exam for the first time.
• Internists and physicians preparing for the ABIM recertification exam.
• Medical residents preparing for In-service Exams.
• Physicians seeking CME, Our course offers 30 Category 2 CME hours.

-Get the high yield information you need, fast with our 3 days’ intense review course.

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