Frequently Asked Questions

What does iMedicine Review offer during the Virtual Classroom course?

The Virtual classroom course covers every subject of Internal Medicine from basics to complicated scenarios. Differential diagnosis and management is discussed in a step-wise approach. The sessions are very interactive. Hundreds of MCQs with explanation of each choice will be discussed and numerous clinical and radiological images will be reviewed. We provide you all the updated and essential information you need to know to pass your ABIM Exam.

Why iMedicine Review is the course to take?

Our success rate has been excellent for the ABIM Internal Medicine Board Exam in last 17 years, better than many long and expensive courses. The course is available at unbeatable tuition fee. The review is being held virtually via Live Stream in 2024. You can pick any of the courses for participation, and based on availability, can also pick more than one course if your schedule does not allow you to attend all the days during one course. We have significantly raised the pass rate of many residency programs.

Does iMedicine Review offer anything besides the course?

Yes. In addition to our live courses, iMedicine Review offers a Comprehensive Board Review Book. We have also created course App on iPad with selected course material, and Q&A1500™, with more than 1,500 questions as iPhone/Android applications (separate purchase required for the Book and the Apps). The online versions are FREE with your paid course registration. The smartphone and online questions and answers let you prepare for the course any time you want.

Why should I purchase the ‘Comprehensive Board Review Course Book’ in addition to attending the Live Stream course?

The Comprehensive Board Review Course Book offers much more than what we would be able to go through in the 2 Days’ Weekend Live stream courses. Hundreds of additional questions, exercises, mix & match questions and topics in the form of tables are discussed. The live courses give you a chance to dedicate your time to study for the Internal medicine exams in very interactive sessions. The Course Book is available for you to revise and to go through the high-yield topics on your own time.

How do I register online?

Go to ‘Registration for Live Course’ page, scroll down and click on the course you wish to attend. On next page from drop-down bar “Click an option”, select the payment that applies to you and fill the registration form below it and then hit submit. This leads to next page where it will ask Pay via your Debit/Credit cards (can also pay via Paypal if you have that account). Select your payment choice to go to the next page to fill credit card info and then submit.

How do I register by mail?

Go to ‘Registration for Live Course’ page and to register via mail, click on the ‘Register by mail’ link. Fill out all the fields in the form, print it, and mail it with a check for $745 (or discounted rate if applies) to: iMedicine Review, 1268 Meadowbrook Road, Lancaster PA, 17603.  Email confirmation will be sent to registering residents and physicians upon receipt of the application form and payment.

After registration, how long does it take to get the password for online Q&As

When we receive your application (via mail or online), it takes up to 2-3 business days for completion of registration process. The password will be included in the email confirming your registration. The password is provided to you for your paid registration and should not be shared. You will have access to the Q&A’s till your exam.

Are course discounts available?

Yes. Discounts are available for residents who register together as a group. Residents in the group do not have to attend course at the same site and can select courses and dates of their choice. Special discounts are also available for Chief residents and Resident Representatives of academic programs. Email us for more details at:

Can you suggest additional reading or preparation?

Yes. In addition to our Comprehensive Board Review Course Book and Live Stream courses, you can also practice with MKSAP 19 self assessment test. Other good resource for board preparation is Knowmedge online Q&As bank. During the live course numerous clinical and radiological images will be reviewed, however you can do additional study with Atlas of Internal Medicine by Braunwald.

What if I need to cancel? Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you cancel up to 30 days prior to starting the course we will refund the balance of your tuition fee after deducting a $100 processing fee. There is no refund for cancellations within 30 days of the course. A written notice is required by email for cancellations.

Is your course guaranteed?

Yes. We give 100% pass guarantee. If you fail your ABIM exam you can participate in our course again at no charge. To take advantage of our guarantee, simply send us written verification from ABIM of your test result. Please note that our results are better than many long and expensive courses.